Hosting and Backups

What will be the impact on your business if you website suddenly went offline?

It is important that your website can be reached at all times and at good speeds. Should you need to restore your website then a speedy restoration is important for your business continuity.

Top Quality Website Hosting Services

Fast Hosting

Your site’s speed affects important aspects of your site including bounce rates and visitor satisfaction rates. A mere 1 second delay in page load has a dramatic negative influence on your conversion rate; your SEO keyword rankings are greatly determined by your site’s performance . Your choice of web hosting company plays a huge part in the performance of your site. Make the right choice! Choose WSMS Hosting where speed is a top priority and delivered effortlessly with all hosting solutions that we offer our customers.

User Friendly

Whether you’re hosting a website for the first time or you’ve been hosting websites for years, you’ll find that our hosting platforms will be extremely user friendly. We use plesk control panel on all our servers. With plesk software you will be able to effortlessly manage your web files and other functions like emails, that is creating new ones and resetting passwords. All functions are managed using an advanced graphical interface that is extremely easy to use. Do you have an existing site? Our expert team will even migrate your site for free to our servers! You’ll have nothing to worry about!

Extremely Reliable

Can you depend on your website hosting provider ? This is an important questions you should ask before choosing a hosting company. If you have to deal with a service you can’t depend on, your customers won’t be able to purchase from your site. They won’t be able to read that new blog post you spent all that time on. They won’t be able to find your business’ contact information. Don’t let that happen. Choose WSMS Hosting! Rest assured that you can depend on us. Our service has been built using the very best hardware, networks, software and processes. Put it all together and you get our ultra-reliable service backed by our fanatical support.


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